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It’s a slice of living a slice of life. What slice and how much is right for you?

Welcome to slicepizza.co.nz, your alternative approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Whilst many people may associate a healthy and active lifestyle with the more traditional vegetables and salads, things don’t actually have to be this way. It is common for people to try extreme diets when they start exercising, eating consistent amounts of kale and salad, stopping them from eating the foods that they really want. We want to show people that they can be both happy and healthy without the need to miss out on what they love. In particular, we want to show how you can still enjoy foods such as pizza, whilst maintaining and living a healthy life.

In today’s society, more people are becoming interested in health and fitness than ever. Gyms are popping up throughout New Zealand and with the use of the internet, fitness influencers are reaching more people all around the globe.

We work with healthy people to make you healthy.

We work with some of the best nutritionists and personal trainers within the industry in order to provide you with the best information on how you can live a happy, healthy lifestyle, whilst still eating the pizza you have always loved.

In particular, we have guest posts from fitness experts that have recently had a significant contribution to their particular area. Whether they have helped someone lose a significant amount of weight, or they have their own fantastic story to tell, you can find them on our site.

In addition to this...

Our writers will also post about the different diets and fitness routines that they use among their own clients. This allows you to test out various routines that you fancy, testing to see which ones work the best for you. Furthermore, you can also test out a range of different diets and see which one works best for your daily routine.

We make sure that all of the diets posted on our site can be applied to daily life. We only allow diets that are not classed as extreme. In general, we have found that many people choose diets that exclude all foods classed as ‘unhealthy’. We actually include foods such as gluten-free pizzas and low-fat options in our diets, allowing for some flexibility and enjoyment.

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